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06.17.03 -

i decided to take the bull by his balls.

if people won't give me the time of day on friendster because i'm in a relationship, i must go in search of the cool.

because i KNOW there are some fun people out there. they're just wanting ME to find THEM.

so one night, jeremy and i stayed up till 3am surfing through profiles and writing to people we found interesting or non-sucky.

so far, two people have written me back. two people with wonderful senses of humor who live in this area and are painfully UNcool in the way that i love.

and i can't help but think, "this is what friendster is all about."

my problem was that i was waiting to be DISCOVERED!!!

the truth is you have to scrape away the scum to find people you truly have things in common with.

the best part is, i can make male friends and they KNOW right away that i'm with someone. there's none of that awkward beating around the bush or MY having to say it. they look at my relationship status and go, "oh, she's taken. i guess we can just be friends."


if only people had to carry around profiles in real life and present them to someone the first time you meet. life would be so much easier.



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