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06.20.03 -

dear excedrin,

you are a miracle drug. not only do you alleviate my headache pain EVERY time i take you, but you do it in less than 20 minutes. advil never could do that for me, and i was staunchly faithful to her for at least five years.

where have you been all my life?

i'm sorry that i often procrastinate in taking you. i'm sorry that i sometimes doubt whether you'll work or not.

let it be known from here on out, that i place total and complete faith in you for all time.

excedrin. my savior.




this is one of my new favorite people.

what a funny kid.


i had a dream the other night that i went to a petstore and bought two new dogs. for no apparent reason. i didn't even like the dogs [and i always like every dog]. i took them home and kept them in a big brown moving box. i forgot about them for 3 days. they weren't able to go outside to potty and they didn't get fed. everyone looked at me like i was a horrible mother and told me i didn't deserve to have dogs ever again. i think the dogs got taken away from me, or i tried to give them away to people.

it was SO not me. it scared me.

i think it was a sign that i am nowhere near being ready to be a dog mom again.

working at adopt, i fall in love every day with a new dog. i sometimes fantasize about taking him or her home with me if no one adopts them in one month. they're always gone the next week, though.

i miss my dogs. sooo much. the feeling isn't fading. i find it difficult to get up and get things accomplished all day. i feel so lazy and useless. boring. stagnant. ugly. not-me.

a body at rest tends to stay at rest.



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