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07.12.03 -

at approximately 115am today i was about 10 feet away from michael showalter, peeking at him over brian's shoulder. brian was my human shield.

i like that i had the opportunity to talk to him and take a picture with him, but didn't take it. other fans approached him and he graciously accepted hugs, signed merchandise, and smiled for photos.

i decided i didn't wanna be just one of those people.

it was time to leave when i saw a girl talking to him, and then stop and point at me. i forgot to mention that i had my red sweatshirt up to my face, obscuring everything but my eyes the entire time. i'm sure we were quite the site.

but once we'd been spotted [or at least once i had to submit to the possibility i'd been spotted] acting crazy and stalkerish, we had to go.

i would have been very upset if i hadn't had the opportunity to turn down meeting him.

they were amazing. i cannot find the words to explain how good they were. they were hilarious. brilliant. inspiring. gorgeous. perfect.




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