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08.06.03 -

so i went to see wolf colonel last night with jeremy and brian. there was maybe twenty people there. it was such an amazing show. i got jeremy to agree to going up to the merchandise desk for me to buy a couple cds. brian schemed with jeremy to get mr. wolf colonel himself, jason anderson, to come give me a hug.

however, i knew something fishy was happening, so i went to hide outside. but apparently they spoke to him about me and told him how shy i am around bands and they, yes, asked him to give me a hug.

i was mortified. i mean really, how embarrassing!

so i bought a couple of his discs, but the THREE songs i was looking for in particular were not on it.

so i did the unthinkable... i wrote him asking where i could find them.

then he did the unthinkable... he wrote back twelve hours later gushing about how nice it was of me to write and how he remembered us and the songs i want haven't been recorded yet.

and then he asked me to become his penpal.

did you just read that? jason anderson wants to be my penpal. this boy writes some of the most crushing lyrics i've ever heard... fucking unreal.

the crazy thing is i'm going to take him up on it. mmmmm....

"the hours following our final kiss have been dry and directionless. oh, lover we must have been together for a thousand days. but i would trade them all, dontcha know, dontcha know, for one november afternoon in bed with my back at your breast and your mouth on my neck..."



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