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08.11.03 -

i used to carry this sticker around in my wallet. it was so cute and so *me* that i couldn't bear to stick it anywhere. i can't even remember when or how i got it now... it was one of those "don't worry, be happy" smiley faces, except it was frowning and had tears coming out it's eyes. it was surrounded by this pretty purple flower... like the smiley face was the center of the flower...

i've done an awful job describing it. but it was/is damned cute.

so i had this thing rotting away in my purse for at least three years. about a year ago i gave it away to someone. not just anyone. someone special.

he had the nerve to ask me for it. i want to say he was looking through my wallet, found it, and took it, but i'm not really sure. i remember that it felt good to give it to him.

i caught a glimpse of it sometime last week and it made me smile. normally i would be gritting my teeth over the loss of this sticker, but somehow i don't think it's gonna go anywhere too far away.


i stole someone's tobacco shag junk several days ago. i wonder if it helped.


tonite: a rendez-vous with friendster shaun in shaumburg [neutral meeting ground].

it should go better than last time i saw him, as tonight there are no blue lights and stage thrashing for him.

i was supposed to have a list of my five fave nick cave songs for tonite. i was always that kid who forgot to do her homework, though.

we are dining at dennys, and i'm not so thrilled because lately every diner i eat at gives me horrible stomach aches and sometimes fits of vomitting.

i will keep you posted.



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