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08.13.03 -

the other nite, shaun and i were talking about love. he is one of those self-proclaimed hopeless romantic types, whereas i am very clearly not. he's been dating this girl for about a year, and although he's come to the realization that it will never WORK between them, he has no intention or desire to break up.

this makes nooo sense to me.

so i start going off on my thing about how relationships are always doomed from the beginning anyway, and there's really no point to them. and why put all this effort and all these feelings into one person when you know they'll just end up going away some day? it's not worth it.

and he said to me, "laura. i hate great america. i don't understand the people that love going there. you wait in line for 2 hours, in the heat, all for a thirty second ride. and then it's over. what's the point? the wait is not worth it."

i know what he was getting at.

but the difference is that you can't have your heart broken by a ride. you don't invest emotions, just time.


in twelve or so hours, jeremy and i will be bungee jumping while being strapped together. inbetween waiting to go on rides. at great america.



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