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08.21.03 - 2:38 pm

upping the ante is only fun until you hit a stand-still.

one step forward, two steps back.

pace yourself, mccrazy.

let's see what happens if i just take a break from all of it...

i've made a great mixtape that will just fall on deaf ears. what you don't realize is that when you're so vocal about falling in love with everyone and everything every day, it makes every new declaration a little more meaningless than the last.

i'm frustrated, but nothing more really. i think the up and down waltz appeals to me more than i care to let on. in the "feeling someone out" phase, you just have to be careful and learn how to know when to bite your tongue.


tonite my friend james moves to chicago. and i breathe a sigh of relief. i have reconnected with all the people i knew [the ONLY friends i made] when i was in school in the city, and it feels better than good.


there is a brunch party at the bongo room on saturday. be there or be square.



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