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08.20.03 -

i'm sorry i ever mentioned him!!! get outta here, you.


the other day jeremy and i were walking into a movie theatre. a group of thugs passed us by, and one turned to him and said, "dude i'll give you 5 dollars for her..."

he and i just exchanged amused looks, but later on i told him he should've yelled, "SOLD!!" and shoved me towards them.


+++your sunrise confessional was one of the sweetest, most sensitive and sincere--not to mention sincerely swoon-worthy--pieces of electronic mail mine inbox has ever endured the pleasure of receiving. it truly made my week and, most likely, month. i tremble.+++

hello, drew barrymore. goodbye, real life.

i'm like the girl who cried wolf. i'm like the goddamned cure. "never means never", but only till next time. the crazy part is that i REALLY do believe it, every single time i say it. unfortunately, the right people and the right situations always seem to fall into our laps when we least expect it.

but as long as it's all taken with a grain of salt, it's alright.

it's just that my body clock knows to go off at 6am. it knows what will be waiting for me. and after i get my fix of verbosity, i can go back to sleep.

falling in love with someone's words is not only pointless and time consuming, but heart-hurting.

it's somehow a consolation knowing that it can never possibly be anything more than what it is. i'm starting to understand what she means by it being better this way. where you don't actually have to deal with someone when they're far away.

different worlds, kiddo. and thank god for that.



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