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09.10.03 -

- thanks to wilford brimley for saying all the right things the other day and making me feel *special*. he doesn't bust out his overt sweetness and/or compliment-wand very often, so when he does, it means something.

- 1973.82 miles is a lot further than you think. remember that.

- things are changing. PEOPLE are changing. and it's rough having to sit back and watch it. i am a big believer in appreciating life moment-to-moment, and i knew this would happen someday. you can't stay that close to someone forever. they will eventually move on, grow out of you, find new friends. i can appreciate the necessity in this. i just wish i was going to be coming along for the ride.

- his last name really is 'smiley'. he told me, "whoever told you that my name is not b[obby] s[miley] should be drawn and quartered. or at very least, should lose whatever little credibility they might have had before." thank goodness ;)

- we are sooooo over boogie nights, it ain't funny. our disco cuteness reached dangerous proportions the other night. we finally had to leave because we looked around at all the nasties and decided they could never fully appreciate us. with the exception of sweet, balding mick, who always very mousily tells us we're the prettiest girls in the place, and bought us roses because we "ought to have" some. *he* was very sweet. but whatever. from now on, we're all about scoping the beautiful babies ;)

- someone received a tape from me, and told me it was very likely the best mix he'd ever gotten. he also said several of the songs almost made him cry. i'm not sure if i believe him, but the songs he named have actually, indeed, made me cry. this is one of the best feelings, ever.

- i have this tendancy to read something, interpret it one way, get all excited... read it again several hours later, get something totally different out of it, and berate myself for ever getting excited. it's lots of fun.

- and oh yeah. happy one year anniversary of me keeping this diary going, or something. it was somewhere around this time. i love diaryland. it fixed me in ways never thought possible.



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