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09.14.03 -

james and i were walking along the north avenue beach yesterday at twilight. barefoot we were, letting the sand squish between our toes and our legs acclimate to the ice-cold water. i looked out toward the horizon and pretended i was really in california, that this was the ocean. i thought of someone i know there, and how he must see the ocean all the time. i wished him there at that moment, because i knew he could singularly appreciate it. there was something happening around me... so much beauty. i wrote "i <3 life" in the wet sand with my finger. i watched the water lick every inch of sand around, but not including, my message.

we walked back to our shoes to let our feet dry. my phone rang and i assumed it'd be brian.

it was a voice from two thousand miles away. the fact that i was hearing it at THAT exact moment made my head spin and my breathing slow.

by 6am this morning, i had spent at least 5 hours on the phone with this person, and it went by in the blink of an eye. it hasn't felt this good in so long. i keep reminding myself that everyone we meet is for a reason. i can believe in what's happening, even though it's completely crazy - it's possible. i don't expect anyone to understand. i don't plan on trying to explain it.

he makes good arguments.


please file this weekend under "s" for spectacular:

yesterday i saw almost everyone i love. james' roommates threw him a "welcome-back-to-chicago" party, which was amazing because it brought all the key columbia characters back into one room. long ago, when i attended that hell of a school, these people were the only people i had as friends.

james, aaron, kyle, and meg were my partners in big-city-isolation-crime. the first three shared a surprisingly large apartment in the loop, and many'a party and good time was had there.

hilarious. kind. sweet. sensitive. caring. blah blah. these are all words to describe these people.

we were all brought together again, and it just felt like *home*. except it was even better, because brian got to meet my friends, and meg's long-suffering but ultra-sweet boyfriend was there. on top of that, one of favoritest new people, mat, came down from michigan with kyle.

sometimes you meet people and there's no awkwardness - you just click. mat is someone i wish i'd met a long time ago instead of just hearing about him.

it warms my heart when friends from different circles meet and genuinely get along. not only did brian get along great with kyle, he asked me at one point why sarah wasn't there, in a, "because now she's friends with both of us, instead of just you" sort of way. mmmm happiness.

i cannot say enough how much i love all the boys from michigan. each one of them owns a part of my heart.


'lost in translation' is possibly the best movie i've seen all year. possibly in years, plural.

i want to tell you how funny it is. how bittersweet and loving it is. how brilliant, and observant, and true-to-life. how much you will love the characters and pull for them.

but i can't do it justice. i couldn't even talk about the movie for a half hour after leaving the theatre.

it is a movie that makes you *feel*.

and already i'm disgusting with myself and my inability to talk about this movie.

it meant something to me, and will continue to do so. see it IMMEDIATELY.




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