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09.24.03 -

i can't believe life's so complex, when i just wanna sit here and watch you undress...

"do you really want to watch me undress?"


this is love, this is love, that i'm feeling...

so i spilled my guts to a family member today. i'm so frustrated, and i can think of nothing else. homework assignment due tomorrow? pssssh. sleep? y'uh right!

i'm so confused by this person. my aunt said, "he's not done with you. he's just as confused as you are. he wouldn't have listed reasons why he misses you if he were ready to just drop everything and be friends."

her? being supportive? of this?

i said, "he said he wants to come here to visit, but what if he doesn't? what if he never mentions it again?"

she said, "he'll come out here. there's no way he could spent just six days with you and not want to see you more."

my sentiments, EXACTLY!

so, i'm feeling better about things. i analyze things so much. i keep track of things. i have neverending ideas of how to make this happen. i am a crafty being, all the sudden.

and i don't want to jinx myself, so i'll just i'm feeling better about things. i don't want to cry in bed all day or fling myself out a window, so that's good.

you're the only story that i never told. you're my dirty little secret, wanna keep you so.



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