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10.08.03 - 10:39 am

i'm in love: his name is tramp.

he's only three years old, but he's a better kisser than ANY boy in the world.

shannon's dog reminds me of my dogs. the dog is pure love. completely disarming. those of you that knew gremlin and napoleon will hopefully recognize how fucking loving tramp must be to get such a comparison. i'm in AWE of this dog.

i went to her house last night in the worst, most sad mood. i was also deathly tired and had a bad night at work.

this dog, he met me at the door and his tongue was on my face until the moment i left. he's very catlike, just like my dogs were. he's ridiculously affectionate, like them. he knows he's charming, like they did.

i know it's dangerous to compare animals like that, but it's impossible not to.

it's the first dog i've loved since them. it's like actually being around them again. i could have cried, but i saved myself the embarassment.

i'm always so impressed when i meet dogs like tramp. dogs are like little emotional mirrors. they reflect as much love back to you as they have received. this dog's been loved up real good.

ok ok ok ok.

and i'm feeling good, in general. my relationship with mr. wonderful has been redefined yet again, and in the best way. i'm so very happy with the arrangement.

i love this person ferociously. he taught me that it's ok to love a person, and not feel ashamed by it. there is no adequate "thank you" i could give him.

it took someone 2000 miles away to successfully burrow into my heart and make a difference. he's one of the best people i've ever known. deep, deep affection for him. i didn't know these kinds of feelings were possible to actually have.

all i feel is love. i want to tell everyone i know that i love them! it's like that lovely drunken affection, 24 hours a day.

love, man. it's all you need.



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