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10.09.03 - 8:34 pm

in an attempt to stabilize myself and take the guesswork out of my life, i have locked myself out of friendster for one week's time.

it was either that, or delete my entire profile again. we all know what that would only lead to...

the only person who knows the password to log me in is jeremy. i even changed the email account to one of his, so that i can't contact friendster out of desperation and say i "forgot" my password.

it's like if i were a werewolf and had to be locked up in a cage for one week every month.

it can only do my head some good. friendster has been fucking me around a lot lately: saying i have new messages when i don't, and saying i don't when i do. i got so addicted to having a face in my inbox instead of just an email address.

checking email has become the focus of my life. there are certain people that i need to hear from in a timely manner, and it makes me sick. only real life people for a while, please. unless i can call you up and see you in an hour, stay away from me.

a common theme in my life is, "all i want is for this to be over.. let me move on to the next part of my life.. anything but this." i'm ready for october to be over like nobody's business.

sixty-four days until this quarter's over, and counting.

tonight, jack black is gonna do his damndest to make me laugh so hard. such a lover.



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