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10.12.03 - 12:13 pm

it was the kind of conversation where everything clicked. we teased each other and acted silly, which was something that could never have happened before. i imagine the next time i see him to be so much easier, so much jokier.

he asked me about my diary, which i'd mentioned to him several times before. he wanted to know whether it was on livejournal or not? he wants to read this, and doesn't think it's fair that "all my other friends are allowed to".

y'uh right, crazy. and have you know how very insane i can be? never gonna happen.

i told him that someone from an address in california or canada had been reading me one day, and that they blocked me from finding out where they came from. hmmm...

i mentioned that weirdo new friendsterlike site in passing, and today there was a friend request waiting for me there.

his 'who i want to meet' made me smile...

i've been off friendster for just under three days. it doesn't bother me yet. i *did* sign into that new thing, just to change some account information, but it doesn't count.

at work yesterday it hit me that i've finally plateaued. i'm no longer consumed by this person. i'm still terribly fond, but i'm not thinking about it every second anymore. i no longer miss him.

and now that i've seen some of his faults.. and i've seen him in a weakened condition.. i only like him more.

december can't come soon enough.



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