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10.18.03 - 10:33 am

it happened: i finally got officially "shhhit-faced".

several years ago i stood in barnes and noble with sarah and joe, trying to convince him that i'd become an alcoholic in the time we'd stopped speaking. it was really hilarious in that "ya-hadta-bethere" type of way. the idea of laura drinking *anything* was comedy in and of itself.

i was drunk within 15 minutes of getting to sarah's party. instead of pausing to appreciate the loopy feeling, i made myself three more drinks in a row. it felt really good until it started to hit me all at once.

i didn't vomit, but i should have.

at one point i was hunched over their toilet, spittle dripping out of my mouth, willing myself to puke. when it became clear that wouldn't happen, i crossed my arms and fell asleep against the toilet.


i ended up passing out by midnite on sarah's bed, which is such a shame because so many great people were there. i was having so much fun, and i discovered one of my new favorite concoctions [raspberry vodka and lemonade!] an hour too late.

my night was spent slipping in and out of consciousness... catching blips of conversation and tuning out the white-noise laughter. from time to time i'd wake up and james was draping me, or my friends were leaving, or sarah was giving someone a tour of the place.

you know it's bad when it takes you 5+ times to dial your own phone number. my phone's battery died, and i had to use sarah's phone to get messages. i dialed as slowly as possible, but i kept missing the buttons i was aiming for. it was bad.

i talked to so many people i love and never see. some that live far away, some that just never go online anymore.

james and i called meg to invite her over, but neither of us expected her to show up. she's so cool and stuff. but she came! and brought anthony! and it was the nicest and sweetest i'd ever seen her act.

this morning i woke up with an iowa-sized headache and a sea-sick feeling. i took some medecine and drank lots of water in sarah's living room. sarah got up soon afterward and also felt like hell. we decided that the only way to remedy the situation was mcdonalds breakfast food, stat. we watched the "strangers with candy" dvd and i cursed myself for not giving the show a chance when it was still on tv. good christ, the show is twisted [in the best way].

and now i'm at home, starting to feel a little bit sea-sicky AGAIN. i work in an hour which is sooo awesome you have no idea.

brian ended up not showing up to the party [surprise, surprise], which kind of disappointed me because sarah said he might bring a date along! but as soon as she told me he had dinner plans with this girl before the party, i knew he wouldn't show. it's not his style. cool kid that he is.

anyway, the morals of the story are these:

1) i will never get THAT drunk EVER again

2) i *love* people

3) brian should have come.



the sooner i realize that i can't change anything, the better.

there's no charming your way out of this.



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