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10.19.03 - 1:03 pm

so i went to the heart doctor the other day, and she told me that it's pretty much hopeless.

my genetic predisposition is such that my heart sucks up impossible situations the way iron is attracted to a horseshoe. the onset of my condition was inevitable. my heart has become enlarged, engorged, and engaged. years of ignoring the signs have made my malady uncurable. with a grave voice and steady eyes, she told me it's out of her hands.

my new last-chance prescription:

"rx: selectivus-memorias-lossis

take one pill as symptoms persist for no more than seven days."

people with high cholesterol cut red meat out of the their diet. diabetics stop eating sugar. lung cancer victims give up smoking.

if you don't stop doing whatever it is that kills you, it's simple suicide. the unsaveable cannot be saved.

destroy what destroys you.



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