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10.23.03 - 8:25 pm



in a few minutes i leave to go see iron and wine. forget the fact that they're opening for broadcast. they're the real deal.. i may just leave after them.

they? him. HIM. himmmm.

if he plays that song, my heart will break. right there, in front of everyone, all over the floor. cleaning crew will come out with dustpans and ask the crowd to step back, lest they cut themselves.

'time and all you took... only my freedom to fuck the whole world.'



jeremy and i officially have our basketball jobs back! we keep score for the men's 35+ C league [the most advanced league being the A league.]

these men are some of my favorite people on earth. we've nicknamed almost all of them. i'm so excited to see them again! this time around, i won't be so shy with them. i want to be buddy-buddies. i want to be invited to their christmas parties. i want to meet their wives [and in some cases, steal them away on the side ;) ]

i'm such a creep.

i work with this girl named jenny, whose nickname is 'barbie' because she's a living barbie doll. she's the exact person the movie 'valley girl' was written about. she's completely ridiculous.

and she's mark hamel's daughter!





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