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10.26.03 - 1:24 pm

tricky tricky tricky, you are.

you think i don't know? *i* know. i did that on purpose. you fell into my trap.

c'est sinistre, non?


i have always been a fan of falling in love with the opening band. hark! my roster of band-loves that i never would have heard of if not for them opening up for someone:

the lucksmiths

the salteens



wolf colonel

victory at sea

hawnay troof

fred thomas


the billionaire boys club

and this list is quite incomplete.

i have a new name to add to the top of the list. they plucked my heartstrings in a wholly unexpected way:

okkervil river.

don't let the terrible bandname discourage you.

i don't even know why we went there so early for the show, other than to be sure it didn't sell out. we walked in and could hear this boy's sweet croon floating down from the auditorium. the guitars were urgent, almost desperate, and very sad. when we got upstairs, we moved in close, but not too close. the boys were impassioned, playing their hearts out.

the first words i caught were, "cos when i look in my future, i don't see you and don't wish to. idle talk made when i'm lying by your side on some maine island is too funny to me, honey. so let's drop it. if you really want to love me, well then, do it."

i felt like i was being socked in the stomach.

it's easy to assign meaning to songs when you're in a certain state of mind, but i looked over to sarah and she was as awestruck as i.

they proceeded to play some of the most gorgeous and heartcrushing music i've ever heard. and not in that sad-boy-with-a-guitar way that people always tell me i fall victim to. these kids were LIVELY and infectious. i really felt like i was seeing something special. i can't imagine that they'll stay an opening band for long.


sarah and i both bought their records, and we proceeded to listen to them for an hour after getting home whilst reading along with the lyrics book, mouths gaping.

their lyrics are so easy you can't believe someone actually sat down to write them. it seems like they went into the studio and will, the vocalist, just sang his heart along to the music.

this will stay with me for a good, long time.

clem snide was completely outstanding also, but they neglected to play 'joan jett of arc', which we plainly saw on their set list. not cool.

therefore, okkervil river wins out as best performer ;)

i could write him a letter composed of just lust different lines from their lyrics. it's killing me.

"...and when i pulled you from the clattering street, you started flattering me, you started saying i was so strong. string me along, but i can't become all that i'm called...."


conversely, i haven't listened to your music in almost three weeks.

your 'chicago distributor' has gone bankrupt.



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