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10.31.03 - 2:06 am

reasons why today rock-ed, in reverse order:

-paul [of moto fame] told me that if i promise to come to his show saturday night, he'll put me on the guestlist [!?!?!] -- this would be my first time EVER on a guestlist of any sort, and the fact that it'd be moto, who i luh huh huv is just... BKSDFJ;lfjdakl;hag!!

- i got the fuck scared out of me at statesville haunted prison tonight. every... single... time... one of the heavily made-up actors stepped out and hissed at me i screamed bloody murder. realistically, i knew they weren't going to kill me. but there was barely any space to move and it was soooo dark and scary and these people, they were pros! they wouldn't leave me alone! i'd be screaming and shaking my hands in front of my face, pleading with them to go away and leave me alone.. and i'd open my eyes and they'd STILL be there. relentless!! i made james my personal shield. at the end of the 2nd part, there was a guy with a chainsaw going. we tried to get past him but he stepped in my way. i closed my eyes and started shrieking -- i could smell the saw's motor and it was so horribly loud. and i was whimpering, "please, please make it stop.." and he started MOCKING me! i had no idea we were right at the very end of the house and james had to guide me away from there, my eyes still closed, while the chainsaw guy shouted, "awww take a look at the BIG BABY we've got over here! shut up, get out of here, maggot!"

it was amaaaaazing!!!

- i aced a math test.

one of the best days ever this month.


on wednesday i'll finally be ready to try it over.

do i know myself or what?


so i guess we're not friends anymore, huh?



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