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11.03.03 - 7:42 am

he posted a bulletin board message that he's quitting friendster tomorrow. [bullshit in and of itself.. just quit man, don't make a big deal out of it...]

the cynic in me says he'll be back. no one can successfully quit it for good.

but ehh i don't know. he's a strange boy.

i have this overwhelming urge to write him RIGHT now and find out what all this' about.. play catchup.. but i'm not ready yet, despite these new time constraints.

and what's more, i think the REASON i'm not ready is that i know it won't go well, no matter what or when it happens. we had a small window of time to affect one another, and now it's been closed.

i need to stop this.


she is a roadmap for what people should aspire never to become.


i am so ready for this quarter to be over.



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