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11.06.03 - 1:08 pm

wow so i officially don't care anymore and it feels good. very good.

i had to compromise about tonite. i'm trading in xiu xiu for the rapture for diplomacy's sake. i'm fairly unhappy about this, although it also means i've traded in the abhorred fireside for also-abhorred-but-not-as-much-as-the-fireside- metro. sure, i'll take the lesser of two evils.

i bought two aimee mann cds and they make everything all better.

nothing i write here is appropriate anymore.

at what point do you divorce yourself from friendster and diaryland and go back to life circa 1999?

my friend, kyle, got dumped by his horrible girlfriend. he told me so online and i was thankful that the computer screen separated his ears from my yelp of happiness.

and once again, i have no patience for the broken-hearted. he should clearly see that she was no good for him, and he's way better off without her. but he can't, and it has me checking my watch and tapping it every 10 minutes wondering when his time of mourning will be over.

lately i've been the queen of coming up with excellent comebacks waaaaaay after the fact and smacking my head over it. the other day my uncle said something so bitter and disparaging to me that i wanted so badly to punch him in the teeth. this is a relatively new thing for me. violence has never appealed to me before.

i need to see "punch-drunk love" again -- i don't remember enough from it.

the other day my teacher read my paper on "boyz n' the hood" aloud to the class. i was the only one who got an A+ on the paper. and while he identified the author and i should have been all honored and proud and stuff, i was more like, "ehhhh no one in this room knows my name anyway. this is no big deal. just business as usual." to be honest, i would've been more surprised if he hadn't done something like. i wrote an amazing paper. as always.

i have darker thoughts lately.

all i want to do lately is hurt your feelings and send you away licking your wounds. to tell you the truth, i don't miss you at all. it's easy, because i don't see you.. i don't talk to you.. i don't know you.

and yeah, this going to be really interesting. i can't wait!



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