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11.08.03 - 1:08 pm

i can't believe i almost forgot the best part...

so one of the opening 'bands' for the rapture was this male duo who came out wearing leotards and g-strings and they reminded me so very much of hawnay troof.

the one guy, the leader, had cornrows in his hair and a michael jackson jacket and his black and silver lycra suit was so tight, he might as well not have been wearing clothes.

his "brother", donnie, had a [fake?] blond handlebar mustache and a shortish mullet. he was wearing the gstring under some paper-thin pants and a shimmery belly shirt.

eventually all of their clothes came off, and this is when hordes of stupid indie boys began groaning and booing them. i was in heaven. virtually naked men were dancing around, playing electronic music and singing with HEAVY voice distortion that made them sound like robots.

donnie, at one point, sat on the edge of the stage, turned around, spread his legs, and hoisted his ass in the air.

for the first time in my life, i saw an asshole. first. time. ever.

and yet, i couldn't help but find this man very very attractive. it was in his swagger and his voice and body and his smile and his sunglasses and his mustache.

that's right, i found a mustache erotic.

everyone was laughing at them because they were, well, hilarious. but imagine my surprise and delight when ben asked me, "is it ok with you if i want to makeout with the blond one?"

i looked at him like, "you've gotta be kidding," because only i could find a mutant like him attractive.

he cocked his head and said, "do you think that makes me gay, because i wanna do this guy? do you think i'm crazy?'

and i said, "no, i have a huge crush on him too."

he said, "let's find him after the show and take him home with us and have our way with him!"

i think he was only a little bit serious.

but wow.



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