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11.08.03 - 1:05 am

from chain of flowers:

"Robert & Blink-182 - Robert has contributed vocals for the track "All Of This" on the new album by Blink 182, which is currently scheduled for release on Nov. 17th / Nov. 18th, 2003. "

yeah, and that's robert like in smith.


so his name is ben and he's an aries and he's 6"1", which is officially the tallest person i've ever kissed. he dances like a f-r-e-a-k at shows [and i absolutely love this to death]. he holds my hand and it makes my tummy warm. he makes funny faces at me. we have mock screaming fights. i start to sing a song and he joins in. i make up silly lyrics and he makes up sillier ones. he calls me a judgemental bitch and he means it. he has no idea how to navigate chicago. he's heard of every band ever [or at least he wants you to think so] and he likes 99% of it. he can't stand the brian jonestown massacre [!?!?]. he gets phone calls on his cell every 20 minutes. there is no white space on his walls. he is sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet. he leaves me hilarious voice messages "in character" because he knows i'll get them later on and laugh. he's got the most stupid goddamn immature sense of humor sometimse. it's seriously, seriously like hanging out with an 8 year old. he thinks bodily functions and little kid words are hilarious. he's never heard of pitchforkmedia!!! he says, "damn, gina!" sometimes. he hates cola drinks. he has a wisconsin slash fargo-esque accent?? he wants to "be respectful" of me.

i like him.

to everyone who ever played the rapture for me, and i didn't leap up and snatch the cd out of your hand and beg you to let me borrow it, i have this to say: i have no excuse. i was a fool. where was my head?

his exgirlfriend was at the show last night. bad news, right? actually, i don't know. her name is 'deanna', and i always think of that awesome nick cave song when ben's talking about her...

"ohhhh deanna! (sweet deanna!) i ain't down here for your money, i ain't down here for your love... i'm down here for your soul!!!"

they broke up at the beginning of summer, and she did that bullshit girl thing where they were "taking a break" and then she just never called him again. she tried to say hello 'to be nice', but ended up looking all aloof and cold and shit. i made sure i was far enough away to not be introduced. lord knows i don't want to meet any of his friends yet.

but he's telling me all this on the way home, and he says something to the effect of, "it was killing her how nice i was being. she wanted to see me all sad and lonely. it just would've been a little bit awkward to say to my old girlfriend, 'hey this is my *new* girlfriend, and we're insanely happy...'"

i didn't say, "whoooooa, nelly" like i probably should have. i thought it was more than a little bit sweet. we've kissed and held hands, and that magically means he's my boyfriend?

uhhhh i dunno about that.

everytime i'm around him it's like i'm in junior high. he said to me, "are you sure you're 23? you act like you're 16... uhhh but in a good way."

i was too tired to get into one those "let's define this little thing we have going.." why bother, anyway? everything will work itself out jussst fine.

but yeah, i like him. and yeah, i'm more than a little judgemental.


will ferrell is totally charming in "elf". i recommend everyone go see it immediately for some belly laughs.



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