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11.09.03 - 1:40 am

so on friday night, we admitted a dog that got raped by the owner's fifteen year old neighbor.

the boy was dogsitting for these people while they were on vacation. they came home, and the dog was shitting blood.

there were traces of adhesive on the dog's legs, like they had been tied up.

and the kid actually admitted to it.

he also babysits a little girl fairly often, and they asked him if he would ever molest the little girl. he said, "of course not! i would NEVER touch her! that's gross!"

they said, "what about a dog..."

he said, "well. that's different."


'that's different'??

this kid is going away for a looooong time. he's being criminally charged and will go to juvenile hall.

how does someone live with themselves after that? how is he going to tell his future wife, "yeah i was incarcerated for five years for fucking a dog once..."




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