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11.13.03 - 10:32 am

my math teacher asked me to stay after class so she could ask me something.

silly me, riding high on my praise from yesterday expected more of the same.

instead, she wanted to talk to me about my shyness. she wants me to go to a counselor and work on getting un-shy.

it was very difficult not to laugh at her, with her concerned eyes and worrysome frown.

"it's really holding you back. you're doing wonderfully in the class, but i think your shyness is going to be such a hindrance for you someday. what happens if when you have to take a speech class?"

i informed her that i aced my speech class, that my shyness is really not a big deal anymore, and that i've survived thus far without it being a "hindrance".

she insists on giving my a pamphlet on peer counselling next week.

the sad thing is, this is NOT the first teacher to do such a thing.


i have this friend who is a really good writer. some sentences he constructs just floor me. he's a master of alliteration and his writing vocabulary is extraordinary.

he shared some of his pieces with me last night. i was too busy picking my jaw off the floor to be characteristically uncomfortable.

i told him that i think i can actually learn from him. and i meant it.



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