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11.19.03 - 10:15 pm

tonight i absent-mindedly called my cell phone to check for messages, and you'll never believe who called me.

i can't believe who called me...

the message went something like this..

"wow, that message is awesome. heyyy laura, this is jason. i hope you don't mind me calling you..."

[at this point i'm thinking, "wtf?? jason? he's supposed to be in costa rica? and what happened to his voice; it's not as deep as i remember.." but i'd like to point out that it was not an elated 'wtf', but more of a "uhhh what do you want?" 'wtf'...]

"i'm just calling to let you know i'm leaving omaha friday to drive home to new hampshire for thanksgiving..."

[wheels are turning in my head.. why does omaha sound familiar? do i know any other jasons? why don't i know this voice?]

"i'm going to be playing a few random shows along the way. one of them is in indiana, not too far away from chicago. it would be soooo awesome if you would come out to see it and to hang out with me. you can get the information on where it is off the k site..."

[ding ding ding!!! "this is totally jason anderson aka wolf colonel. holy crap. i don't even remember GIVING him my phone number, let alone telling him to NOT call me -- although that's a very me thing to do... thank god thank god i wasn't home to get the call. i would been like, 'hmmm 404 area code? where is that? i better answer it..']

"or you can email me. or hey, it would be so awesome if you wanted to call back so we could actually talk. the number where i am is bla-bla-blah. sooooo i really hope to see you there. and i hope you don't hate me for calling you. have an awesomely amazing day, and i'll talk to you soon. byyyy-eeeee!"

too bad i'll be in wisconsin this weekend. too bad i'm EXCITED to be going away this weekend. i would TOTALLY go there to hang out with him. i don't think i'd be scared at all. lord knows i wouldn't be going alone.. i imagine it'd be such a blast. he's shamelessly excited about EVERYTHING every second of the day.

talking on the phone is another story.

i sit here now, scared to death to call him back. i can be hilariously bad on the phone sometimes. i was even practicing calling him in front of my mirror.. anticipating things he might say and coming up with responses.

i'm soooo l-a-m-e. but it's good.

and then i'm freaking out, like.. why would he even be home at 1030pm? he's always telling me things like, "oh dude last night i was karaokeing with cursive, and then the girl from rilo kiley showed up and did a duet with me! life is so rad!" he's totally out on the town with his rockstar friends.

and THEN i think, "gasp! what if i call and he's staying at, say, someone famous' house? what if they answer the phone? what if i recognize their voice? and i have to make them take a message? that would be sooo fucked up."

yes, i'm probably making a bigger deal out of it than i need to. i don't care.

this message is being saved for a good long time. he may be a regular old pal nowadays, but there's still some part of me that's like, "wow he's a real life rockstar."


tonight ben met ogre from "revenge of the nerds"!!!

he was promoting his new beer [yes, he has his own line of beer now] in the dekalb liquor store [whose actual name is "the store".. they even have a huge sign - it's weird..]

he got ogre's autograph, and even said he'd go back to get me one!!

he asked him what it was like working with van damme. ogre said, "the word 'asshole' doesn't even begin to describe that dick."

he also asked him if he ever hangs out with b>booger -- who was, incidentally, always my favorite nerd. we're talking biggg crush. i didn't care if he ate his boogers. i ate mine, too, at the time. he said, "yeah i sometimes see that guy. but i have so little time now that i'm working on my soap opera."

soap opera?

yes! "the young and the restless"!! now starring fucking ogre!!

life is good.

ben also borrowed a porn from his friend starring actual real life grandmas!!! why? because he knows i genuinely love fucked up shit like that.

i've told him alllll about 'battle of the squirts' [aka the best slash worst slash best again, unsexy, HILARIOUS porn EVER made. if you've seen it with me, you know i'm right] and we're going to have a night of filthy, disgusting, unhot porn.

i can't wait, and i mean that to death.


all my favorite people in the entire world [ok well minus two or three] will be present and accounted for at brian jonestown on friday.

it's almost unimaginable, how much greatness will be under one roof.

like christmas, but not.



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