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12.03.03 - 5:19 pm

some days you have to just laze around. today was one such day.

i did a lot of sleeping and i know i talked to jeremy on the phone for a couple hours... other than that i've no idea where the day went.

my to-do list remains totally untouched at 520 pm, and although i know there's still time to make a dent in it the blackness outside my window is such the deterrent.

i keep trying to remember that if today was july 3rd instead of december 3rd, it'd still be sunny and inviting outside. "come, ride your bike. take a walk. do something productive."


whenever i'm killing myself everyday with work and school, i'm lusting after the days where i needn't leave my bed. whenever i'm lying around with nothing i HAVE to do, i'm looking forward to the busybee-ness of a new school term.

what's with that, diaryland?

i need my scanner back like nobody's business. i know it's still at brian's apartment, assuming he didn't throw it away. in fact, i have a big list of my things of which he still has custody.

mental note: get them back by january 1st. it isn't mean -- it's YOUR stuff, dummy.

i'm getting a make-over in a few weeks that will no doubt be hilllllarious. but i swear to god, i'm a girl and i'm gonna look like one, dammit.


after basketball last night, ben and i went to bar freaking louie's to have a superyup experience. it was all faux fancy with lots of boring businessmen and fake blonds hanging on them.

although their prices are outRAGEous, i will say that they make the BEST [read: the weakest] kahluas and cremes i've EVER had. i'm not kidding, man. it was like 9 parts creme and one part liquor, which was awesome because can't stand for my girly drinks to even smell like alcohol, let alone taste like it. the bar probably thought they were screwing me over, but really i was "hallelujah"ing inside!

man, i'm one lucky bitch.



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