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06.21.04 - 9:35 am

i had an oddly satisfying dream about jeff fox last night, in which he protectively wrapped his mannish arm around my shoulder and walked me down a corridor at school. i can't remember the things he said to me, but they were the kinds of things that no one ever says in real life. i was terribly special to him, and because that couldn't be further from the truth i got all swoony.

i saw b. on the street the other day - it had to have been him. that little blue cap, sunglasses, jeans... so trademark. i did the 2 second freakout thing, where you become irrationally intent on not being seen, and you consider turning around and walking the opposite way, or darting into the nearest building. i decided it'd look too suspicious, and he probably wouldn't recognize me anyway.

and either i was right, or he didn't feel like having the awkward "how have you been?" convo on the street.

and i love my new job. love. it.

40 more days.



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