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10.25.04 - 3:35 pm

look, the last thing i want is for new people to be finding this or linking it as a favorite. especially people who have [please, for the luvuvgod] nothing in common with me.

i was walking down the street the other day and this girl i worked with for over a year at the animal hospital was walking towards me with her boyfriend. i haven't seen in her in a long time, so i smiled, expecting her to stop and say hello. she looked at me as though she'd never met me. kept on walking. not in a "oh no, i'll pretend i didn't see her" way. i was kind of upset over it, until i realize she probably just doesn't recognize me.

*that*, on the other hand, felt really good.

there's only one person from my past left to right past wrongs with. it'll be tricky, as it's really not his style to hand out 'forgiveness' certificates and give into nostalgia. it is my sincere hope that everything can be ironed out. we'll see.

i have OFFICIALLY lost "the remote control" and have completely stopped "looking for it". so officially it ain't even funny. so take that.



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