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12.25.04 - 9:27 am

it's snowing, and that's oddly satisfying.

i look out the windows and i see loads of smoke stacks with smoke seeping out. that is also oddly satisfying.

the heat is blasting and okkervil river is cooing and things are looking neater and i am feeling stronger.

there is so much to be done before the year expires, but i'm in such good shape and two days of rest will do my body such good.

i have such good people around me -- so much so that my god i know i don't deserve them -- and i feel completely inadequate in comparison. but even that is ok to me.

allow me to be honest for a second: deep down i was worried that today i'd feel empty in a way that i guess only movie characters can feel on christmas.. but it isn't the case.

it's just another reason why the song "laura the worrywart (prettiest worrywart i know)" was begging to be written.



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