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01.01.05 - 3:13 pm

when it turned midnight i was exactly where i wanted to be for the first time ever.

when i got home i found my phone on the couch, and i realized then that it hadn't even occurred to me to call anyone at 12.. and honestly i would've just been bothered by the people who called me if i'd had my phone with me.

next year we're going to las vegas for new years with a bunch of people, and y'know what? i feel fully confident that there will BE a next year. i even went ahead and so -- aloud -- this a.m.

this best weekend ever will be capped off tomorrow by a 1030 am visitor, fancy pancakes (possibly with ryan foster!!), seeing life aquatic, and some serious bedrest.

it's taken 2 weeks, but i've finally eased into this hellacious work schedule.

coming up tuesday - wednesday: court appearance in southern illinois! solitary january roadtrips are the best, lemme tell ya.

so i finally got around to writing man-b. it wasn't at seamless or eloquent as i would've liked, but it was 6am and i had 20 minutes until i had to leave for work and well, it was a little sloppy to tell ya the truth. he hasn't and won't write back, which is fine. it was more important for me that *i* extend my hand and apologize than for him to give a shit.

i don't really have any resolutions this year, which is new for me. i usually land in the typical-american boat on that one, making outlandish promises to myself i know i'll never keep.

all's i want, really, is:

1) to continue starting and finishing books;
2) to continue getting out of debt; and
3) to continue being good for each other.

all the self-improvement malarky is inconsequential as of now, and will be dealt with as needed.



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