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01.04.05 - 9:36 am

i could be totally off, but i think something bad has happened to someone i used to be friends with.

he was always a shitty, selfish friend anyway, and then about a year and a half ago i needed him to be there for me and y'know he just called me up and said he was too tired to come. and that was the last straw.

i didn't care that he was a recovering heroin addict. i've always been very good at giving people the benefit of the doubt and moving on.

but when he didn't come through for me, i washed my hands of him. because it was only the 10,000th time he'd done it.

i could be totally wrong, but i think something may have happened to him. i'm guessing he died.

i feel nothing about that.

it's almost like i'm finding out someone else got a 'D' on all their finals: bummer, dude, but it has nothing to do with my life.

i guess we'll see?



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