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01.23.05 - 9:48 pm

so i donned my susie-homemaker shoes yesterday and baked not one, but three, pies for him as a housewarming slash 'welcome to chicago' gift. i figured it would be far more appreciated than a well-intentioned plant or lamp.

his two favorite fruits are apples and bananas, so i made one banana cream pie, one apple spice, and one banana-apple crumb. and when i say "made", i don't mean i used a stale-ass store-bought pillsbury crust with jell-o brand banana pudding.

i bought pie-making utensils and rolled out the crust dough and chilled it and made custard and cut up fresh fruit and made real whipping cream instead of cool-whip and...

needless to say, my pies were a major hit. BEYOND delicious. i should go into the biz, perhaps.

the saying "easy as pie" always seemed a bit misleading to me, as i imagined it took great talent to make crust correctly... how foolish!

methinks i shall start trying to make a pie a week. if i can goddamn afford it.

i met his family tonight. they were having a family christmas party with people who couldn't quite make it at the holidays. we arrived just in time for homemade lasagna and turtle brownies.

his family, extended and immediate, exude that thing that i fucking love in families.. i can't exactly elaborate on what the 'thing' is. it's something that movie families always have and my family hasn't an ounce of. from time ta time you get glimpses of it when around your friends' kin, but THIS was like 'THING' OVERLOAD.

they reminded me, of like, the family from "while you were sleeping".

jovial. wacky. loud. genuine. idiosyncratic. caring. loving.

he had warned them ahead of time of my incorrigible shyness, and thus they asked me few questions. and my two word answers (complete with immediate eye aversion) were graciously accepted and left alone.

we drove home with him asleep in the passenger seat with 'parklife' playing. he was holding my hand, and his face was bent towards me, and the car was loaded up with his stuff, and everything felt so right.

i never noticed before she mentioned it, but we really are mindlessly and unapologetically affectionate in word and action at ALL times.

i oughtta change the name on my dl to "baby mccrazy", because he almost always addresses me as one of those two rather than 'laura'.

trust me, i know how it all *sounds*. i come from the land of innate skepticism in all matter of love. i assure all who may be listening that this is Real.

and if any time i question its validity, i need only be around him one minute. he'll turn his head a certain way and my stomach will knot up and i get all glazey-eyed. honestly.

i swoon. i melt. i focus.

i am owned.



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