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02.01.05 - 12:52 am

i. love. anais. nin.

tomorrow i'm supposed to go hang out with my new work friend, red.

redmund, actually. but he goes by red.

you can't imagine how cute-as-a-button he is. from his sideburns, to his eye crinkles, to his guileless-yet-charming-as-hell smile, to his progressive endeavors in the "social work" arena, to his manner of speaking... he's so genuine, so kind, so real.

i liked him instantly.

the only problem is, he keeps sending me these <3 i LIKE you <3 vibes.

i've always been so terrible at knowing when to play the "already gotta boyfriend" card.

so we're going out for coffee tomorrow [i can't say for sure, but i don't believe i've EVER met up with someone before JUST to have coffee?!?] and i'm hoping to god he flat out asks me if i'm seeing someone.

i would really love to be his friend, but my life is already too crowded by the copious amount of work i do each week and the older, true-blue friends i struggle to maintain relations with to take on the responsibilities of initiating a new recruit into my world.

so, we'll see.


what do you do when two of your closest friends are dating, and one of them starts to fuck it up, and you watch it tearing the other one apart, and you feel like you don't exactly know exactly what is appropriate in terms of stepping in and trying to help them rectify the situation... and you don't necessarily want to take one side because you don't want to be DECIDEDLY anti-the-other-side... but you simply can't condone what's going on...

and you really want to just slap someone and tell them to grow up and get their act together and let themselves lose themselves just a goddamn LITTLE bit...?

what do you do?

in other news, tomorrow i will seek out and purchase my very own copy of "secretary", for it is the EPITOME of sexy to me.

i can't helping but thinking, as i take in page after page after page:

you are absolutely henry, and i am absolutely june.

maybe some things are inevitable?



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