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02.07.05 - 9:08 pm

Which Empire Records Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

i forgot how addictive these stupid quizzes are.

he's made v-day reservations at a tiny italian place in my neighborhood that i've never heard of and the best part: it used to be a grocery store.

i'm going to buy a new dress and shoes this week. it became painfully clear immediately preceeding our first date that my wardrobe was hilariously unprepared for proper "dates" at nice places.

he made me watch the superbowl last night; i fell asleep. he tried to make me watch mad max 3 last night [it's one of his top ten fave movies??].

and somehow these things endear me to him further....
i reiterate: i am the WORST.

i haven't completely decided yet, but i'm pretty sure i know what i'll have to do.

it ain't gonna be pretty.
if only d-land would let you restrict strangers from adding you to their favorites list.
in another news, i inadvertenly poisoned one of my customers at big bowl over the weekend by allowing his dish to be cooked in chicken oil after he simply told me, "i haven't eaten chicken in 20 years."

i got him a shrimp dish, but neglected to specify it be cooked in peanut oil. the bastard never once uttered the word "allergic".

but when i said something about chicken oil, he freaked out and told me the only other time he'd ever been to big bowl he'd gotten violently ill, and i'd probably just poisoned him. and because of me, he would lose thousands of dollars if he had to call out sick the next day.

he got a free meal and oceans of apologies from my managers.

"now i don't want you to fire her, but i DID say i don't eat chicken..."

i forgot to mention he was my last table of the night, after i'd been working since 8am.

i also forgot to mention that prior to my little disclosure he had been hitting on me very skeezily hardcore.

what a fucker.

i dunno about you, but if i were allergic to ANYTHING i would very pointledly ask if WHATEVER i wanted to order even came within 10 feet contact of whatever i couldn't have.

such a condescending prick. people like him make me hate people.



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