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02.11.05 - 12:02 pm


ted: you guys wanna do another material issue song?

crowd: raaaaaar!!!!

reuben: this song goes out to my friends: shannon, james, and laura.

ted: ESPECIALLY laura!

reuben: ted has the hots for her...

[they launch into "next big thing" by material issue]


after the set i was sitting on a bar stool, incredibly drunk [1.5 coronas!!!] looking out the window and trying to melt into the walls. ted walked up to me holding a piece of paper.

it was a set list from their show, and he'd written:


to laura: my new flame!! i need you.

ted ansani

****can you believe that shit??****

ted ansani is ONLY the bassist for the best band to EVER come out of chicago [as the smashing pumpkins = complete and utter shit], material issue.

this band wrote the soundtrack to my highschool life. there are no words for how much i LOVE this band. really and truly, above just about everyone else.

and i'm his new flame.

he's married with three kids. he works at a bank. i'm taller than him. and he's only teasing me ;)
the night before that, we went roller skating.

i need to pause for a moment while i try to conjure up words explaining how much FUN it was...

and i'm at a loss.

i was born to skate, dude.

we had slushies, we had brittany spears, we had a turning glittery ball, and we had the 6 best skaters in the tri-county area.

shannon and james both really liked red [i KNEW they would] and david and john skated clumsily during couples skate. it was the best time.

we're going to make an event out of it and hopefully start going much more often.

i want jeremy to come so badly because c'mon, big gangly guy on rollerskates with arms flailing is a good laugh for everyone. and because i *adore* him.

alas, he works until 9 every night.

we really need to go ice skating before it starts getting warm.
i need to stop procrastinating and just go find a new v-day dress!!!



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