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02.14.05 - 4:41 pm

there were flowers waiting for me at work. no one has ever sent me valentine's day flowers before!!

yesterday shannon and i went downtown to buy brand new v-day dresses. she had a very rough, unromantic weekend just when everyone else on earth is jumping up and down celebrating love.

normally i detest marshall fields, but of all the downtown department stores they had the nicest dresses. our sales lady was horrific -- her face was all twitchy and she kept telling us this or that dress wouldn't look good on us or wouldn't be appropriate for the occasion. and then she called shannon short and told me to go buy "chandellier earrings" to help make my neck look longer.

my dress is strapless baby pink satin with black piping, two tiny black bows on the hem with black tuile poking out the bottom. it is *adorable*. i also bought new strappy shoes and hosiery to match the dress.

j. took me to a neighborhood italian restaurant that we were both hoping would be a little fancier. they were very casual, so much so that the next table over had a crying baby and i saw multiple people just chilling in band t-shirts. we were far too lovely for that place, and our server disappeared for -- no joke -- 20 minutes, and then we suddenly had a brand new server... but the food was delicious.

it only made sense that RIGHT after i ordered food i started to feel very ill. and then when it came i was unable to even look at or smell it - i felt like i would puke at any second.

j. was very nice about it and asked the busboy to wrap it up. he said we have lots of nice dinners ahead of us.

isn't it weird? normally i HATE valentines anything. normally i whine about how it's a card holiday and people who celebrate it whole-heartedly are simply unromantic chumps because they need a stupid day SET ASIDE to be romantic.

but everyday he and i ARE romantic. so today is really like any other day. us going along with it is cute, like we're winking along with the world.

i requested today off because i didn't know if we'd be doing v-d stuff TODAY or over the weekend [since we work such weird hours].

i have this huge list of things to do, but it's so nice to just lay around at home and watch sex in the city season 6 commentary and cry and giggle and cry some more with the cats asleep on my lap.

i tried to explain to j. WHY i love that show so stupid much but... ya know... either y'KNOW or y'DONT.
my friends broke up over the weekend and my heart hurts for them.

i really think this one is a matter of time.
juli please come back to chicago.



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