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03.07.05 - 3:07 pm

i was telling him about this bitch i met at one of shannon's book club meetings, about how the first words out of her mouth when we met were, "yaaaahhhh i just got home from being on tour with braid. it was awwwwwesome," and how every successive sentence made me want to knock her teeth out more and more.

and he said:

"remember this little rule of life, laura, if no other:

people who want to impress you by talking themselves up (their band, their art, their social lives, their intelligence, their hipness) are the most unimpressive people on earth. and they know it. that's why they gots to talk about themselves so highly."

well, i'm paraphrasing.

and it isn't anything i didn't already know.

but him saying it at that moment... well it just reaffirms everything.

i'm so glad to finally be on the same page with someone.


and speaking of jeremy, i took my baby out to romantic dinner at scoozi with my phat 50% lettuce entertain you discount. appetizer, wine, two entrees and two desserts rang up at just under 25 bucks. it was insane. insanely delicious!

third-best tiramisu in chicagoland!

all this after we slept in until 2pm! it was the most gorgeous day of the year! and it was a sunday!

it's days like yesterday that make me wanna believe in the cosmic dance...


today with my newfound freedom i had lunch with a friend from highschool [the only one i ever see anymore], and then discovered the loveliest little bookstore.

i'm normally not one to go out of my way just to support non-corporations, but there was something about this humble little sunny shop that told me i'll end up going the extra three miles everytime i need to buy a new book.

also, i cleaned the living room, rotated the futon cushion, took out the garbage, and vacuumed. i have yet to clean my room and shower, and then i will go to bed.

i have tomorrow off, as well. i *may* go in to try and work, and i *may not*.

it's nice having options.

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