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03.18.05 - 12:56 am

it is the eve of "family meets boyfriend" weekend.

tomorrow morning at 830 sharp we will embark on the seven hour drive to metropolis, il -- superman land. my plan is to secretly go to baskins robbins early before jeremy picks me up so that we have celebratory breakfast roadtrip shakes! normally the trip is so boring and lonnnng when i do it alone; i'm picturing our little trek as a singalong gigglefest.

if it weren't so late, and i didn't have to dye my hair still [the roots are outta control and the fewer things my grandmother has to frown at, the better] and pack i would very much be making a roadtrip mixtape.

everyone at work seems excited for me, as in, "oh you must tell us how it went when you get back."

i could tell them now.

jeremy was born to be a part of my family.

the more i think it about it, the more certain i am that they will love him. tonite he spoke about being happy having the opportunity to hear stories about me from when i was a little girl, and look at their vault of loralys baby pictures. and *i* am thrilled about all this too!

i can already see him leaving them in stitches the way he does me.

i can't exactly tell you why i care so much about these two worlds meeting when i *claim* to care so little about my myriad family ties... and it's really not so much that i *care* really...

maybe it's just something that's ingrained into your skull in our little society: when you've found some who could conceivably be "THE one", and have a family that holds any stock in your success as an adult, getting the thumbs up on both sides of the fence is just like the cherry on top... pleasant, but unnecessary.

anyway, it will be a grand old weekend, full of laughter and delicious food.

i further look forward to our return sunday, for we have a date with sumptuous ben pao and ye olde 50% off "lettuce" card.... mayhaps "the ring 2" as well!



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