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04.03.05 - 10:14 pm

mostly i'm just happy gettin' on, doing my laura thing. i've been spending a lot of time alone. whenever possible, i'm out of the house enjoying the temperate weather and re-learning how to appreciate this city. i've been bobbing in and out of bike shops, trying to find the replacement for my beautiful 2003 huffy ocala [r.i.p] that got stolen last summer.

i've been reading loads of henry miller [pant, pant]. i went to a work party last night after we closed and got so drunk on liquid jolly ranchers [aka smirnoff apple twists] and all i remember is laughing and joking and faces that i love. we all agreed we need to have way more work parties, with bb people only and no interlopers. i got home at 6am with the little time change thingy, and felt strangely satisfied and charmed, despite the fact that jeremy would be picking me up in 4 hours to go get breakfast.

i've been making so much money at big bowl lately it's making my head spin. thank the lord for spring break and tourists on michigan avenue who love to drink and spend!

lately, i feel like i'm glowing.

and geez, i normally wouldn't mention music but clem snide's new album is stupid good. i can't stop listening to it. also, i found another copy of material issue's opus/second album "destination universe". my first copy was scratched to hell, and the disc is long out of print!

i've been getting my workout on at the ymca, keeping track of my weights lifted with my handy dandy notebook. i bought a new bright blue tankini swimsuit for swimming there, and have discovered a new love for the phrase "feel the burn". i will be buff and toned by summer's end!

if there was any doubt before, it's gone now: i'm a loner, dotty... a rebel...

i like it this way. i miss you [collectively] from time to time, but it passes quickly. it hasn't even occured to me before today, but j. is the only person i see or talk to regularly... and that's by choice. i like spending a lot of time alone. in the past when i've put myself in this situation, i miss people terribly and feel very alone. that has yet to happen. i'm satisfied. content. self-sufficient.

i have faith: the ones who ought to come around, will. the ones who don't matter, well....



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