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04.07.05 - 11:54 pm

do you remember how one time i asked you what theremins were [because seth listed it as one of his interests] and you gave me an awww-shucks face and said, "i think they're a kind of drug. sorry, man."

well i do.

do you remember how you claimed to see me riding up and down the escalator at your work, when in actuality i was clocked at my place of employment? do you remember the system of codes we worked out in your downstairs bathroom, where there were no windows my doppelganger could use to spy on us?

well i do.

we forget so quickly in our old age, i suppose.


today several things became clear to me.

it's inevitable that you'll meet people in life whom you'll develop a great love for.

and also that they will change. and do things you'll perceive as mistakes. and they may become seemingly unrecognizable.

but you have to allow for this. you have to trust in them. it might be difficult, but know it's still the same person inside.

"toothbrush! toothbrush, you've come back for me!!!"

i have a tendancy to write people off rather quickly when they deliver an ultimate disappointment. one of my lifelong tasks will be ridding myself of this compulsion.

there are few people i hold in such high regard. you are someone i plan to still be giggling with when we're 73. we can go on family picnics and our kids will play together while we four sip spiked lemonade in the grass.

and then i saw something that made my heart soften.. and i felt a deep regret for some of my past sentiments.

may i officially rescind all comments i previously made regarding IT?

i was in the wrong.


i'm sorry, but "13 going on 30" is one of the most satisfying movies i've seen in a long time.

mark ruffalo = love


there is a moment when his body is nestling into mine, and his little head finds a nook on my chest, and his arms are so tight around me... where we both close our eyes and sigh dreamily.

that, right there. that is the moment i live for.

it is an unwhispered "i love you".

it. is. everything.

he may have me for as long as he wants me.



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