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04.15.05 -

lately i have an odd [or not so odd??] penchant for movies where the detached male lead is made to affirm the splendor that is having a family and an ardent love in his life.

"jersey girl" charmed me this afternoon. perhaps it was being raised solely by a man for four years, but father-daughter movies always get to me. i cackled, and i cried a little, and i grinned a LOT.

i can't help but let my mind wander. i see myself in these male leads. i was effectively once the stone-hearted, career-focused, untouchable businessman. my priorities have officially shifted. i want it all. gimme that.

i want it all.

last night was a turning point for us.. impossible to even put into words. every single day it gets better. x1000.



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