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06.30.05 - 1:46 am

you frustrate me with your inability to say what you're really thinking.

i can see the wheels turning in your face, trying to figure out a way to give me a fresh new *spin* on our plans.. your little sensible modifications that you believe will upset me but ultimately be easier for everyone involved.

i play that game too, so i can readily identify it in the faces of others.

just tell it to me straight. don't beat around the bush. don't pretend like you're trying to figure out a better way of doing things when we both know what you're thinking.

i hate having to draw it out of you or make the suggestion myself and pretend pass it off like it's *my* logical amendment.

do whatever you want to do.

but for the record, it's NOT that f'ing complicated OR annoying.

in the end everyone will only depend on himself.


and for the love of [random deity], can summer please be fucking over?!?!


three. more. days.

three. more. days.

three. more days.



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