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08.29.05 - 9:18 pm

i just realized that i've never bought a bottle of bailey's to sip over ice or in coffee since i began imbibing almost two years ago. and i LOVE baileys! what's with that?

i also have an extreme taste for fried tofu, and since i'm the proud owner of a mini deep fryer i can actually do something about it.

today was day three of him being gone, and i'm doing ok. i went out with work people last night and had a fun time, but in every lull in conversation my mind wandered back to him. i get him back in five short days. 123.5 more hours. 7410 more minutes. 444,600 seconds.

doesn't seem so bad the more i break it down.

i discovered limewire last night. bad news!!

i suredid download some little texas, some 'all for one, one for all' by trinity of cool, hilary duff, rollins band, lil john, danzig, crystal waters, ugly kid joe, the caesars...

then i proceeded to load onto my computer the ENTIRE cure, depeche mode, and smiths catalogues onto my computer. because i fought tooth n' nail over the last 10 years to actually acquire all these albums [in the cure's case, *every* *single* little bside, or cover, or soundtrack song, EVERYTHING].

i have the best ipod of all time.



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