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09.02.05 - 1:52 am

the reason i keep picking up shifts and working tirelessly isn't so much because i need the money [although i kind of do], or because when school starts i'll be working less [although i will], but because working fills up time.

time i would otherwise be spending at home, alone, watching movies, and torturing myself with memories of my lover. my lover, who isn't returning for two more days. whom i miss terribly. whom i daydream about constantly.

i can cop to it being a little bit sick, but mostly i love the hold he has over me. i feel as though i've been tamed.

i worship this person, and in return i am worshipped right back.
and as luck would have it, my coworkers tend to go out drinking every night after work since we have a rapport with a neighborhood bar who sells us beer for 1.50 a pint.

so i tag along because at 1130pm a table full of drunken laughter sounds a helluva lot better than an empty apartment & bedtime.

and when 1130 becomes 130 i don't feel half as lame as i would if my boyfriend left town for a week and i did absolutely nothing social the whole time.

plus, i just really love my work friends.
last fling this weekend!!!



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