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09.22.05 - 12:44 am

so on my birthday eve i was out with some of my favorite work people [phil and ashleigh and ellis], and i finally got up the drunken nerve to ask old 'E' a bunch of questions that i've been dying to ask since i met him a year ago.

they say that ashleigh and i have "a spell over him", and i don't know if that's quite it... something has shifted in him. whereas before we wouldn't bother asking him to come out with us, she and i plan entire get-togethers just because we know he'll want to come.

and. he is. fascinating. to us.

i finally asked him why he's so hot/cold with us girls [one day he's friendly and hilarious, the next day he makes us feel like we should be arrested for talking to him].

he seemed genuinely surprised. he said he considers himself a very approachable guy, and that he'll work on being more consistent.

it turns out his fiance is denying him sex until he quits the restaurant and gets a real job. if you knew him, you would know how doubly absurd that is.

it's a bit unfair, because ash and i get along with him so well [as i, ahem, always knew i would if he'd just soften up], but his lady forbids him to go out socially without her.

and i'm not exactly in the business of making any new-best-male-friends, because i understand how implicitly *weird* that would be for both party's respective significant other...

i just wish i'd gotten to know him a long time ago. i would be able to counsel him on this mistake he's on the cusp of making [marrying this girl].

and i'm always right about these things.

but as it stands, we're still just aimiable acquaintences.

so my prediction was right.

and i think from here on out i will just continue to wear him down and crack him open and figure him out.

it's been a loooooong time coming.


chris downloaded the second season of "twin peaks" and now has them on dvd, three months before the alleged official release happens! so exciting!

ash, craig, ellis and i all watched the pilot of "twin peaks" late one night, and now craig is hooked. elli-o said his interest is beyond piqued. and ashleigh is planning, for reals, a cherry pie/ black coffee party.

i don't care if my hair is dark now, i'm still going as laura palmer.


i turned 24 and it was pretty much the worst birthday of my life.

besides the fact that i'm now twenty-fucking-four and the oldest person in all my classes, i lost my keys that night at the bar, and spent the entirety of my bday calling different train lines and restaurants, tracking down payphones and leaving messages for my landlord.

the drama was followed by my awesome linguistics class and a snugglefest with my baby. i arrived at his door all exhausted and pissy and in five minutes flat he was making me laugh at myself so hard i was tearing up.

he wrote me a lovely birthday letter.

i pretty much have the best boyfriend of all time.

i figure it's good to have at least one REALLY SHITTY birthday, because everything afterwards is pleasant by comparison.


i took three tests last week and got A's on all of them.

my french is improving by leaps and bounds.

the mickdee is back with avengence!!



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