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11.04.03 - 3:37 am

last night i hung out with this boy and a few of our friends.

he drove me home. he walked me to the door. he hugged me goodnight, and then kissed my cheek.

he made some adorable reference to how stupid that move was.

[no one has ever, ever walked me to my door before like that. or kissed my cheek. it was so cute, like we were in eighth grade or something..]

he walked away, i chased him down, and we kissed properly.

it was really really nice.

just ignore whatever i said before about not ever getting to the kissing stage. the kissing stage is f-u-n.

and all's i know is i'm never, ever getting married.


in an interesting twist of fate, he and i had met at least once before. i'm blessed with a memory that's [mostly] sharp as a tack. people are always astounded at how i remember exact dates... i apparently have a knack for faces, as well...

so a couple days before 9/11 happened, i went to a bright eyes show with phil. this was my first time at schubas, and i was still pretty new to the whole 'indie' scene. they had an 18+ show and a 21+ show [i was eligible to attend only the former]. tickets sold out for my show, so i made this cute sign out of cardboard and sidewalk chalk that said something about needing two tickets desperately.

there were several other groups outside trying to score tickets, and in one of them there was a tall, cute, loudmouth boy with dark hair, glasses, and a lip-ring. i remember at the time i thought he was so obnoxious and phony. the way he talked about the band, the way he interacted with his friends. i disliked him on sight.

somehow, everyone got in. this lip-ring boy saw us inside and waved as if to say, "hey we both got in! awesome!" if memory serves, i glared back at him.

that was a little over two years ago. i remember it perfectly.

yesterday, this boy [who we'll call ben because that's his name..] picked me up and had a lip-ring in.

my sensors started going off.. "i've seen this boy before. i know him from somewhere. who is he?"

when i asked him about the bright eyes show and mentioned me with a sign out front, his eyes got really big and his mouth dropped open.

and then instead of it being a nice little moment of shared recognition, i told him how lame i thought he was when i first met him.

i rock.

in fact, i ended up insulting him as much as possible yesterday. i was joking, of course. but only sort of.

he left my front yard around 330am. we would've stayed out later, except i had class at 8.

he kissed me goodbye, for reals, one last time, and said he'd "call me tomorrow".

and do you know what i said to him, in typical laura fashion?

"whatever, man. you don't have to call if you don't want to. it's cool. you don't need to call."

he looked at me like i was crazy. why i do stuff like that, i will never know.

dammit, he is some cuteness.



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