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11.16.03 - 12:17 pm

operation: steve zahn-a-thon was a complete and total success!

more people came than i ever expected. i was competing with a shins show in the city, and i like to think to think the people who went to it instead WOULD HAVE come to party with me and steve.

rum is my new best friend. who knew it doesn't taste like alcohol and it can be mixed deliciously with any kind of sodapop?

the brothers hamel, jeronimo, shannon, kevin gary and i stood in a circle and did whiskey shots together whilst listening to shane macgowan sing "nancy whiskey" -- on repeat. when they say it burns, they aren't kidding. and and and it is the MOST vile tasting shit [apparently you're not supposed to let yourself taste it..?] just the smell of it made my stomach turn. but that doesn't mean i didn't like it.

we finally got to see the "riding in cars with boys" scene where steve says goodbye to his little boy.

"i have to gooo..."

it didn't sound quite like i remembered it. jeremy's rendition is much better.

one of the highlights for me was "tyrone" getting called a little prick by my friend, ben. i assure you, you had to be there. jeremy's self-described "6 foot tall, 280 pound bald black man" voice is the stuff of greatness.

the best part is i think everyone has a newfound appreciation for the genius that steve zahn is. i think "saving silverman" in particular showcases his brilliance. it warmed my heart to glance around the room and see satisfied grins on everyone's faces following a particularly hilarious scene.

it was just such a good time. i was expecting it to be a total flop, but it was a blast!

the only suckiness was waking up this morning in a dark room, alone and freezing cold on the floor. i don't know what time anyone left or if they tried to wake me up to say goodbye. but that's one of the worst feelings. it happens to me a lot because i invite people over to watch movies and then fall asleep during them - all. the. time. waking up alone when you think there will be people there is confusing and a little scary.

adam had to leave for school at 630am though, bless his heart.

december's movie party will be ben-stiller-ama!! i expect an even better turn out for that party - who doesn't love the shit out of ben stiller?

note to self: next time, buy 3 times as much alcohol. starting the riot late into the night was cool and all, but it couldn't last long on 2 bottles of liquor. right? right.



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