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05.27.05 - 4:06 pm

in the last 23 days...

i met with the respective heads of the modern langauages [aka french] department at both loyola and depaul. i am still completely, 100% undecided about which school to go to. they are both offering me almost-full rides [i will have to take out some loans, but about 1/4 of what i was expecting to] and i found out that financial aid will cover your study abroad tuition as well. i still have to meet with academic advisors at both schools to see what they are expecting my schedule to look like, and i must make a pros/cons list also. what a horrible decision to be saddled with, ahem.

i bought a new laptop, an ipod, and a digital camera. hello 21st century!!!

the other day was officially six months with the boy, and he wrote me the. most. wonderful letter. he wrote me a letter for our one month anniversary. he calls it his "state of the union" address ;)

yesterday i bought a scandalously low-cut dress for our dinner date celebration tonite. we're going to the site of our first date: mon ami gabi.

sunday we're going to his family's house for dinner, staying overnight, and staying monday for his brother's memorial day bbq. time to bust out the halter tops and skorts!

i'm super psyched for june to get here, for not only should it usher in the persnickety warmer weather, it means open season for apartment hunting has begun!

all's i know is i'm going to live off the red line. i figure i'm ready for the dark, cramped living space that one must endure if she wants to be close to *everything*.

i will be sad to leave our enormous, sunny abode.. but it's time for this little girl to venture out on her own into the land of no-parking-EVER and "sure you're close enough for us to deliver your thai food". no more one hour plus commutes to work or to jeremy's....

give me 10 minutes to the lake. give me a window that looks out on an alley [and yes, an itsy bitsy studio would suit me just fine!]. give me a dishwasher and bicycle storage. give me hallways that eternally smell like chinese takeout [and while you're at it, give me some REAL chinese takeout places two blocks from me in any direction.] give me the seclusion i so desperately crave. give me a buzzer that works and family-less neighbors.

give me the red line, or give me death!

also, my highschool best friend called me yesterday to say she's in town. it's my stupid fault we didn't keep in touch this last year, but i'll be damned if i let her slip away again.



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