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08.09.03 -

the last time i saw moto, i wrote paul afterwards to tell him what an awesome show he puts on.

he wrote back something like, "you should come up and say hi sometime after a show."

my reaction: y'uh right. you're paul caporino.

tonite, i dragged kevin along to see them. i warned him about their dirtiness and charisma and melodic splendor, but he was still unprepared. to my great surprise and excitement, he loved them. he almost bought their new cd but didn't have enough cash.

i, on the other hand, did. i brought my two moto cds with me with a sharpee marker in the hopes that i'd have enough guts to approach my rock hero and ask him to sign my moto artifacts.

unfortunately all i was able to do was hold my hands up to my face and slowly tip toe my way up and wait for my turn.

that's right. they put on THE best show i've ever seen them do this evening. it was amazing because as soon as they went on, the room cleared. the beat kitchen is set up so that there's a music room separated by a big swinging door from the bar room. there was a semi circle of about six or seven kids bouncing and mouthing along to their infectiousness.

and then slowly, people started wandering in. and standing behind us. and then moving in front of us. and then signing up for the email list that paul set up at the front of the stage.

he's so funny, that guy, because in-between every song, [and i'm not even exaggerating.. between EVERY song] he mentioned that their new cd, kill moto, was for sale up at the stage. it's funny to me, because i was there, and not to you.

but after the show, hordes of people came up to buy the cd. it was brilliant! i still don't understand why those guys never got big. i love them so much that i'd rather see them over just about anyone else.

so i stumble up to the stage, with kevin as my safety net at my side, and wait my turn. paul smiles at me and then looks down [he's wrapping up his mic cord].. he asks how he can help me. i snatch up "kill moto" [literally snatch... like a kid trying to steal a cookie] and say, "can i have this?"

he says, "well it's 10 dollars.." i thrust some money at him and turn around to make a fast getaway. i hear him yell over to me, "hey sign up for the email list!" and i move closer to tell him i'm already on it.

and then do you know what he did?

he cocked his head at me kind of funny and furrowed his brow and said matter-of-factly, "you're hitsohardd, aren't you?"


how does he know that!?!?!?

i couldn't breathe for a second.

i managed to smile and nod my head yes while moving away again. he extended his hand and i shook it. he said, "it's good to see you again," and then waved at kevin.

i don't know what happened after that, because by the time he had waved at kevin i was already pulling kevin away from the stage.

i clutched that damn cd and i couldn't stop smiling... imagine meeting the president when he was running for office at one of those meet and greet type things where they kiss babies and pose for pictures... and then imagine two years later randomly meeting the president again and him not only recognizing you, but knowing your first name!


the moral of the story is that i love moto. the end.


i came home and had a nearly three hour im conversation with my friend, rolf, from friendster. he's all crazy in love with his new girlfriend [the honeymoon period, he and i very unaffectionately call it] and so we've been unable to hang out since i met him almost two months ago.

his sense of humor is on par with jeremy's.. which is to say, practically perfect in every way. the kid is so cool that i'm scared by how easily it would have been to never have met him. he is proof that friendster CAN work... it just almost never does.

anyway.. we've tried to do iming before and i just freeze up. unless i know you fairly well, it's no use trying to talk to me online. but we had one of those great conversations that just makes time fly.

he grew up not so far from midlothian, and he's employing a friend of his to take me, himself, and anyone else who might want to come [cough sarah cough] into that super scary cemetary that's deep in the woods at night. i guess his friend grew up in that town and knows that place like the back of his hand. AND... this kid is well connected to the spiritual world. as in, has seen many'a'ghost in his own house. people like that fascinate me.


yesterday i mailed a postcard to someone i miss from time to time. it was a gamble, as he and i are on sort of bad terms. but the cuteness in my gesture cannot and must not be ignored.

i know he has a soft spot for cuteness [i've always loved the way he dotes on his little sister...]; and although he's always made me feel uncomfortable in the best slash worst slash best again possible way, i decided that i want him around. at least for the time being. i have a feeling that our friendship will likely always be volcanic in nature, but something in me enjoys that.

one time he and i were playing chess. i had captured a great majority of his pieces, and he had three of my pawns. in a sudden move of brilliance, he captured my queen! and as i sat there staring at the board, thinking about what do next, i heard him whispering conspiratorially. when i looked up, he had my three pawns huddled together, and he was saying something like, "psssst... who's that new chick over there?? [meaning my queen]..." "she's a royal pain..." [hissing laughter] "i heard she's a stuck up bitch..." [more laughter].

it made me laugh so hard.

and whenever i think mean things about him, i remember stuff like that.

and i wish i could write about it in a way that'd make you understand how incredibly funny he is. i don't do him justice. i assure you he has the touch. and i'm telling myself i really don't care if i ever hear from him again. but deep down i know i'll be one disappointed cookie if he doesn't respond [but how can he not??]. whatever.


tonite we left a 50% tip for our waiter and an entire 2 pound bag of starburst candy that i'd just bought to sweeten the deal...

our waiter was so attentive, and so nice, especially in light of us coming in one hour prior to closing.

i have a thing with leaving notes for my waiters at uno's pizzerias.



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